This Ultralight All-Electric Snow Bike Can Carve Through Powder At 28MPH

As we head ever-deeper into winter, the days will continue to shorten and the weather will continue to worsen. If you happen to be of the two-wheeled persuasion — whether of the moto or the bicycle variety — such conditions come at an unwelcome cost: your ride gets relegated to the shed until spring.

At least, that was the case before French startup Moonbikes burst onto the scene with its innovative new offering. Dubbed the ‘Stardust,’ it’s effectively an all-electric off-road bicycle designed with the express purpose of plowing through powder. At the front, it features a broad ski coupled to a multi-point bicycle-like suspension setup for efficiently skimming over the snow. And when it comes to the body, you’ll find room for up to two 2kWh battery packs. While a single setup is good for between 11.7 and 21.7 miles of range, a second battery will give you as much as 43.5 miles of juice depending on usage. Funneled through a motor with 3 kW of continuous power and a burly rear-drive unit with tread, it’ll climb to a top speed of 28mph. Although Moonbikes hasn’t released pricing information, it’s expected to begin production this January. Preorder yours today.

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