Moon Express Commercial Missions

Referring to the moon as Earth’s 8th continent, Moon Express has their sights on a new lunar frontier for the human race. This may sound like a Sci-Fi flick synopsis, but it is very much a reality, as Moon Express is planning for commercial missions to the moon for water, the harvesting of resources and further knowledge of space.

Back in 2015, Moon Express announced a multi-mission launch contract with Rocket Lab USA for no more than five launches. According to Moon Express, this makes them the first company in history to contract multiple launches for space exploration. They want to expand space travel beyond government hands with their robotic spacecrafts: the MX-1e to deliver payloads, the MX-2 to establish a research outpost and the MX-9 that’s set to bring back samples of lunar dust and rocks that will be accessible to everyone. Moon Express’ ultimate goal is to democratize lunar research and exploration, setting up a new road of commercial space transportation beyond the orbit of the Earth. Although this will cost a pretty penny, it’s definitely a game-changer.

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