Montblanc TimeWalker Rally Timer Watch

Looking back in time for their inspiration, Montblanc wanted to design a magnificent timepiece after the classic Minerva Rally Timer stopwatch. And by the looks of what came out the other end, we think it’s safe to say the luxury German manufacturer knocked it out of the park with this rendition.

As a part of their TimeWalker collection, the piece – dubbed the TimeWalker Chronograph Rally Timer Counter Watch – offers users a variety of wearable options thanks to its adjustable strap attachments. Wear it on your wrist, use it as a pocket watch, or clip it onto a metal plate and attach it to your dashboard in true rally fashion. Each watch hosts Montblanc’s MB M16.29 manually wound movement that also offers a power reserve of 50 hours and it’s all held within a sturdy and water-resistant 50mm satin titanium case and features a handsome black, gray, and red dial face. Only 100 editions will be made available in this lot, making it not only an heirloom piece but one that’s highly collectible as well. Priced at $39,345.