Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets

Jan 29, 2015

Category: Style

Hey, if a mob boss can wear a gold bracelet, surely you can wear one with your full man cred intact. And these handcrafted accessories made in the Netherlands would be a great place to start.

Monsieur Bojangles uses durable American made type III commercial grade 550 paracord (or braided leather), finishing them with an engraved stainless steel D-shackle. They also arrive in a custom designed recyclable matchbox inspired package. Paracord, originally used in the suspension lines of U.S. parachutes during World War II, is actually still part of the U.S. army standard equipment. It can be used in a pinch as outdoor building shelter, fishing line, a shoelace, dental floss, a splint for a broken ankle and other odd applications. [Via | Purchase]

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 2

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 3

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 4

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 5

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 6

Monsieur Bojangles Paracord Bracelets 7

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