Monoliths Concrete Ping Pong Tables

Sep 14, 2016

Category: Living

Most cities have public parks for running, basketball courts for shooting hoops, and even public pools for swimming laps. So why not have a public ping pong table? The Monoliths – OK Point /Step-Up KO table is exactly that.

Built by Laith McGregor and Murray Barker, these ping pong tables made from a mixture of stone aggregate and concrete were designed with the intent of being used in various social and public spaces in both Europe and Australia. The addition of the copper regulation lines inlayed on the table as well as the rope lined formwork were inspired by Laith McGregor’s studio practices, and help the pieces keep their feet in the world of both art and play. Each piece has a commanding weight to it, one that draws people in and encourages interaction. We’d love to grab one of these for the apartment, but we’re pretty sure they’d bust through the floor. [Purchase]







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