Mongoose’s Stranger Things BMX Bike Is A Nostalgic Retro Ride

Stranger Things is arguably the best Netflix Original TV show, filling us up with ‘80s nostalgia and delivering endless thrills, turning the world upside down. There’s a ton of merchandise from the show you can own, but there may be nothing cooler than the squad’s retro bikes. Now you can join the gang with the new Mongoose Stranger Things 3 Freestyle Bike.

This bike is modeled after the same one ‘Mad Max’ Mayfield rides in season 3, which hits Netflix on the Fourth of July. The retro yellow BMX-style bike includes retro 5-spoke mag wheels, a Mongoose classic padset, and a replica frame and fork. It has a single speed drivetrain, front and rear alloy caliper brakes for reliable stopping power, 20-inch wheels, and a front headlamp for a nighttime beam when you need to speed away from Demogorgon dogs. Cruise through the small town of Hawkins in style with the Mongoose Stranger Things 3 Freestyle Bike, which is available now for $220.

Purchase: $220