Monday Motorbikes M1 Crossover Bike

Living in an urban environment can be frustrating and expensive – especially from a transportation standpoint. And that’s why the folks at Monday Motorbikes (formerly Bolt) made their M1 Crossover Bike. It’s easy, affordable, and can be driven by just about anyone.

That last bit is twofold, because – since the cafe racer-inspired M1 is technically a “motorbike” and not a “motorcycle” – it doesn’t require a license or registration in order to ride and, without a clutch or gears, it’s incredibly simple to operate. It also has a 40-mile range per charge (which only costs about $0.21), still has enough power to climb just about any hill, and can comfortable seat two. It also offers Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, features a digital dash and USB device charging, regenerative brakes, and has push pedals – just in case you run out of juice on the road. The M1 retails for $4,500 total.

Purchase: $4,500