Moncler’s Bio-Based Puffer Jacket Is Carbon-Neutral & 100% Recyclable

In case it hasn’t been made abundantly clear, it is our responsibility as lovers of nature to help protect the natural spaces we enjoy. And that’s a truth more and more brands are recognizing and accepting, even in the way they produce their gear. The latest in that line is a bit of a surprise; Moncler, an Italian outerwear brand most well known in high-fashion circles, has just unveiled a 100% recyclable, carbon-neutral puffer jacket.

While this jacket definitely looks like what you’d expect out of a thick winter parka, it’s the details that aren’t immediately apparent that we’re most interested in. For starters, it’s constructed entirely out of bio-based materials — including its nylon exterior, downbag, zipper, and even its buttons. It’s also stuffed with DIST-certified down (a more animal-friendly, less wasteful fill), has wool cuffs, and even its hang tags are made in part from algae. Priced at $1,880, this cozy coat is a pretty big step in the right direction from a surprising source.

Purchase: $1,880