Momo Custom Steering Wheels

When you skirt past casual car ownership and delve into the realm of vehicle obsession, people get very particular about every little piece of their rides. Steering wheels are certainly no exception. And Momo has been making some of the absolute best since they emerged in the ’60s. Now they’ve taken their premium race accessories to the next level with MyMomo – an online steering wheel customization service.

As you might expect, the process is fairly simple. You just hop onto the MyMomo site, pick from one of five different starter styles, and hit the big red “Design your own” button to get started. From there you can choose everything – from the type of leather wrapped around it, to the color of the spoke, to the type of stitching that holds it all together, even down to the screws at the center hub. There’s even the option to have the leather custom embroidered or get something laser-engraved onto the spoke. If you’re the type of person who takes your steering wheel off the column every time you park your car, this is the ultimate must-have personal touch to your driving experience. Pricing starts at $564.

Purchase: $564+