Moment Filmmaker Collection

Our phones are still not the best tools for filming video, but they’re becoming increasingly competent. Directors both big and large have been turning to the iPhone in order to shoot their films. For instance, back in 2015, Sean Baker directed his breakout project Tangerine using an iPhone 5s. And just this year, Steven Soderbergh shot his feature Unsane using an iPhone 7 Plus. Still, the team at Moment sees there is a lot to be improved here. That’s why they developed a new mobile filmmaker collection.

This kit has an iPhone 10 battery case, a universal gimbal counterweight, a filter mount, and an anamorphic lens. That last piece is without a doubt the most exciting part of the entire kit. The lens gives a 2:40:1 Cinemascope look to your shots, captures big budget-looking flares, and has a rotatable bayonet for capturing shots in either portrait or landscape. This gem of a lens combined with the rest of the collection’s tools offer home filmmakers the ability to create truly top-tier film for a fraction of the cost.

Purchase: $130+