Momen Glow Wall Charger

Night lights are one of those rare items that both adults and children both use and appreciate equally. As a kid, we use night lights because we have this vague but certain feeling that lights will keep all the monsters at bay. As we grow older, however, the utility of night lights mainly comes from helping us avoid stubbing our toes in the middle of the night (a different kind of monster, maybe). No matter your age, Momen’s Glow Charger is a great tool for charging your phone and keeping the room light.

Equipped with two USB ports for charging your phone, tablet, or mp3 players (do people still make those?), you can simply plug this thing into the wall, attach charging cables and you have yourself both a charger and light to lead the way through the darkness. This isn’t your normal night light, however. The lighting blue and radioactive green cracked LED body add a sci-fi infusion to any living space. Prices start at $13. [Purchase]

Momen Glow Wall Charger 0

Momen Glow Wall Charger 1

Momen Glow Wall Charger 2