Moleskine Smart Writing Set

We are surrounded by sleek devices that can easily take down notes with the just a few taps – but for a lot of people it is hard to give up on the classic pen and paper. For folks who want to straddle the analog and digital worlds, Moleskine has come up with a solution, the Smart Writing set.

The components of this set consist of a large Moleskine notebook, a smart pen, and a mobile app (‘Notes’ for iOS, ‘Neo Notes’ for Android). When you write on the specially textured paper with the smart pen the device will automatically send all of the info to your app which can capture both your sketches and writing. Once in the app you have the option to transcribe your handwriting into text, change colors on your images or writing, and share everything you’ve scrawled down on your cloud service of choice. You can add this entire setup in to your office workflow for $200 while replacement notebooks come in at $30 each. [Purchase]

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 1

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 2

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 3

Moleskine Smart Writing Set 4