Moleskine iPhone 6 Cover

With the holiday season upon us, you can expect plenty of new iPhone 6 cases to storm the market in the coming weeks. Today the premium notebook makers at Moleskine have gotten their hands in on the action with this beautiful iPhone 6 cover.

The little black rectangle we use to document our lives has now been adapted to our smartphones, and transformed into an easily portable dual work space. Opening up the cover reveals a padded suede lining alongside an inner rubberized shell that helps protect your device from bumps and bruises. An inside pocket opposite the iPhone’s designated area houses all of your credit cards, miscellaneous notes and your metro tickets. A durable elastic band keeps the cover closed securely, while all of your ports, buttons, speakers and even camera remain fully accessible at all times. The case is currently available through Moleskine’s online store, and makes a great gift for any iPhone fan.

Moleskine iPhone 6 Cover 2

Moleskine iPhone 6 Cover 3