This AR-Enabled Smart Contact Lens Boasts Live GPS & HUD-Style Data

As augmented reality and smart-tech continue to evolve at a rapid rate, the doors are being opened to an increasing number of never-before-seen applications. One of the latest breakthrough advancements seen in this realm is a new 14,000 PPI smart-glass-style AR display built into a contact lens. Dubbed the “Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens,” this cutting-edge gadget was born out of a combined effort between a team comprised of industry-leading programmers, scientists, and other various medical experts.

The idea of the Mojo Vision Lens is to provide users with a subtle piece of wearable tech capable of affording them a host of features such as AR-enabled GPS directions, real-time vehicle data such as speed or RPM a la a heads up display, or the thing can even help the visually-impaired by highlighting potential obstacles or hazards. And while the company has shown off other uses such as an AR-enabled astronomy app, thus far the firm has only scratched the surface of what’s possible with this new tech. Though the lens is still in prototype form, the company has received ample funding from noteworthy investors including LG, Motorola Solutions, Dolby Family Ventures, and HP Tech Ventures, pointing to the lens being more than mere vaporware.

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