Modul GO Houseboat

Apr 3, 2018

Category: Living

Outfitted as an inexpensive solution for life on the water, designer Max Zhivov adapted these concepts for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in favor of a more soothing existence.

Basically, each “Mogul GO” as they’re called, are customizable setups featuring a living module with two rooms, a small cafe, equipment rental station, an extended base for hydroplanes, a boat refueling station, and a cargo variant for transporting goods. Each houseboat is built upon either a 9-meter x 4.5-meter or larger 13-meter x 6.5-meter platform and comes equipped with electric motors and fully ecological solar panels. They’re also delivered in a flat-pack design that can be assembled in as little as two days with the help of four people. Who said life on the water had to be difficult? Let’s just hope these make it into production sooner than later.

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