Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks

Can you imagine how much those silly doodles and sketches of Ashley Whateverherlastnamewas you drew in the 6th grade would be worth right now? Yeah, nothing. Still nothing. But, they would hold immeasurable sentimental worth.

It’s too late for 6th grade you, but not for present day you, thanks to Mod Notebooks. These are stylish and sturdy notebooks made with super thick 120GSM paper, so your notes never bleed onto the next page. Take your time filling up the book with poems, rants, or letters to the editor of an imaginary newspaper, then mail it back to Mod using the pre-paid shipping envelope hidden in the notebook’s back cover. The mad scientists at Mod then scan and digitize the whole thing for free within five days, and either send the notebook back to you or recycle it. You can then access all of your pages via the Mod app and your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You can also sync your pages with Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote. [Purchase]

Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks 2

Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks 3

Mod Digital Cloud Notebooks 4