Moccamaster Coffee Maker

If making yourself an individual cup of coffee with a Chemex or Kalita brewer seems like too much effort, but the idea of drinking something out of a Mr. Coffee feels outright offensive, then you should seriously consider the Moccamaster.

This 10 cup coffee maker is hands down one of the best automatic drip brewers out there. Not only is it capable of really doing right by your coffee – bringing out the roasted flavor for those who like darker beans, and the lemony berry flavors for those who like light – but it does it all in just a few steps. Just grind your beans, throw them in the catch with a filter, pour water into the reservoir and let the Moccamaster do the rest for you. The copper heating element in the stem of the brewer will heat the water to a constant 96 degrees Fahrenheit, and then dispenses it in pulses through the 9 hole outlet arm over the grounds. This allows the coffee to bloom, bringing out all of the complexity and flavor. In addition to just brewing great coffee easily – the look of the brewer is totally unique. It has an industrial and mid-century feel to it, making it an easy addition to most any office. Prices are set at $330. [Purchase]