Mobius II SUV

While the likes of Jeep, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have all made their way across the African continent with success, that’s not exactly why they were built. The Mobius II SUV, however, was designed and built by actual Kenyans specifically to dominate the continent’s terrain – and that makes this SUV special.

Clearly inspired by the safari-going vehicles that came before it, the Mobius II looks like a G-Wagen and a Defender had a baby. And it performs like that, too, with its robust steel space-frame mounted onto a longitudinal ladder chassis, which is then mated to a solid rear axle – giving this SUV a low center of gravity while still maintaining a high ground clearance. To further its rough-terrain performance, the Mobius II also gets a custom-developed double wishbone coil spring suspension in the front and live axle leaf spring suspension in the rear. Finally, it’s available with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine designed to generate high torque at low speeds and still deliver excellent fuel economy. Pricing starts at $13,000.

Purchase: $13,000+