MOAR Fat Tire Folding eBike

Foldable bikes, generally speaking, are petite things. They’re built for the urban commuter who wants to get from point A to B without hauling around a full framed bike. The MOAR eBike, however, is completely unapologetic about its big size and hefty electric engine.

One wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a bike with 26 by 4 inch tires, full suspension, and an aircraft grade aluminum frame fold down neatly into an easy to stow size – but MOAR isn’t in the business of doing what people expect. Built to tackle tough terrain and roll over heavy snowfalls like it’s no big deal, this bike features a 48-volt 750-watt battery powered motor with an impressive 118 pound feet of torque. Not only does this thing have enough power to tow an SUV from a standstill, but thanks to its 1,000 lumen headlights and LED brake light – it can zip around town at speeds of 20 miles per hour. No word yet on pricing- but by signing up for a launch notification on their page you can get over half off retail. [Purchase]