MMT E-Strap Smart Watch Band

We are big proponents of smart watches – especially more modern ones. They help us track our activity throughout the day, can be synced to our smartphones, and they don’t look half bad. The problem? They’re still not as cool or classy as a solid analog watch. And – unless you want to look like a goober, you can’t wear both at the same time. That is, until now.

Thanks to a genius development by the folks at MMT, you can now turn your favorite analog watch into a smart activity tracker – all you have to do is swap out its band for this E-Strap. Cleverly disguised as a normal watch strap (and comes in a variety of finishes, colors, and materials), this device offers fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, a dynamic coach, cloud backup connectivity, and more. It also automatically syncs with the included iOS or Android compatible app. The battery lasts for about a week and recharges on an unobtrusive dock. Keep an eye on the brand’s page for upcoming information such as price and release date. [Purchase]