Mixfader Portable DJ Crossfader

We can already hear the cries of “Blasphemy!” from the veteran DJs, but for everyone else, and especially the casual or wannabe mix-master, the Mixfader might truly warrant some non-bank-breaking consideration.

Billed as “the world’s #1 connected object for becoming a DJ,” the Mixfader resembles a traditional crossfader, just without the mixer and turntables that normally go along with it. It connects to your smartphone or tablet, and when used with the accompanying app for iOS and Android devices, you can mix, scratch, and blend your music all night long. The French developers promise “ultra-low latency” so your beat juggling won’t empty out the dancefloor, and it can work with vinyl as well. You can reserve one now for less than $80, and the first deliveries are expected this November. [Purchase]