For a long time we’ve just accepted that Summer came with higher utilities bills. Now thanks to some clever work by a Houston, Texas based tech company – that may no longer be true. Introducing the Mistbox.

This clever and easy to set-up device detects when you are using your A/C unit and sprays out a super fine mist into the surrounding area. That mist cools the air before it even goes into the A/C unit, reducing the amount of work it has to do to chill your home. That means you get to enjoy a cool, comfortable home for up to 30% less every month. And thanks to the fact that this device runs off of power generated from your A/C unit’s fan – it’ll practically pay for itself after a single summer. To make it all the better, the Mistbox is easy to setup yourself. Once you get this in the mail, all you have to do is hook the fan up to the top of your A/C unit, clip the battery and spray unit to the side, and attach it to a hose. Just like that, your summer will become less expensive.

Kickstarter: $10+