Mission Workshop Stack Denim Technical Jacket

Urban cycling apparel has a tough job. Not only does it need to be rugged enough to handle whatever it might come across on the daily commute (grime, water, cars), but it needs to do so without limiting the cyclist. Mission Workshop’s new Stack Denim Jacket manages to strike that balance perfectly.

Developed as a part of Mission Workshop’s special Advanced Projects division, this jacket is engineered to be breathable, water resistant, and dynamic despite its heavy fabric. This was accomplished by sourcing the fabric used for the jacket from the special Swedish textile company Schoeller. They were responsible for weaving the four-way stretch denim and impregnating it with their Cold Black technology (a special treatment that keeps the fabric cool even when exposed to the midday sun), while Mission Workshop did all of the sewing and waterproofing in New York City. After putting it together, the San Francisco-based label tested it thoroughly to make sure it meet their exacting standards. The result is a truly one of a kind breathable and waterproof denim jacket built to conquer the city in any kind of whether.

Purchase: $485