Mission Workshop R6 Modular Arkiv Field Backpack

Designed by the San Francisco-based Mission Workshop, the R6 Modular Arkiv modular field backpack is built to go wherever you need it while being totally adaptable. Assembled with new HT500 fabric, this backpack is extremely light weight yet doesn’t skimp on durability, abrasion resistance, or water resistance. The double urethane coating on the fabric gives the backpack a similar structure to that of a waxed canvas bag, as well as that same broken-in feel.

All about customization, the R6 can close using a roll-top or flap-down configuration, and comes built to accommodate an arsenal of compartments and accessories. Depending on what you need – you can throw on a cell-phone compartment, waist-belt, laptop sleeve, and more. With each additional compartment you order, you can choose from a gunmetal, orange, red, or blue buckle to easily attach to your bag. All Mission Workshop backpacks are made in the U.S. and are totally weather proof. Prices for this chameleon of a bag start at $235 for the 20 Liter and $255 for the 40 Liter. [Purchase]