Mission Workshop Eliminates Sweat With An All-Season Track Jacket

Following the advent of flexible, all-purpose garments and moisture-wicking technology, activewear manufacturers have been searching for a way to differentiate their offerings via innovative fabrics, designs, and styles. While most companies fall short, Mission Workshop has consistently delivered genre-defining technical outerwear, illustrated further by the new Blakwell High-Performance Track Jacket & Pants.

The company’s newest endeavor incorporates a grandiose four-way stretch fabric and 37.5 yarn, woven in a 3D-textured diamond pattern for superb moisture management. Instead of wicking sweat from the wearer as it’s formed, 37.5’s proprietary moisture management technology starts at the source, disallowing the creation of liquid sweat, and removing moisture from the body while it’s still in vapor form. To create the perfect jacket and pants for everyday wear, minimalist design elements and a subtle external texture were implemented alongside the gear’s wrinkle-free construction, breathable silhouette, and articulating arms — making it an unwavering companion for those who revel in an active lifestyle. The jacket and pants are available now for $255 and $195 respectively — use the code BLAKWELL for 25% off the set.

Purchase: $255