Miniot Wheel Turntable

With the reemergence of vinyl as a viable music format, we’ve been seeing a lot of new turntables pop up. And truly, we were beginning to think we had seen the end of it. After all, how much more could anyone innovate a vinyl record player? As it tuns out, quite a lot. Just take a look at the Wheel by Miniot. It might actually be the most clever turntable ever.

It’s incredibly simple in its outward design. Like its name suggests, it looks like just a wheel. But that’s because Miniot went to a tremendous amount of trouble to build the tech within the platter itself. That means the needle, custom mahogany linear tonearm, AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, etc. – everything is housed within. Simply place whichever side of a record you want to hear face-down and the Wheel does the rest. And since there is no interface of which to speak, the center stick functions to control playback/pause, song skipping, and on/off – all with just the tap of a finger on the top & sides or a twist, respectively. And the power port, outputs, and headphone jack can all be found tucked away beneath the base. When it hits the market, the Wheel will retail for $850. [Purchase]