Mininch Just Perfected The Universal Screwdriver

Minich, the folks behind the Tool Pen, are no strangers to revamping classic tools to make them more useful and everyday carry-friendly. But they may have outdone themselves with their latest endeavor, a unique and remarkably useful universal screwdriver they’ve called the Spinner Drive.

First of all, this might be the most beautiful screwdriver we’ve ever seen with its minimalist design and both raw metal and all-black color options. But it’s far from just a handsome device; it’s also extremely useful. The core tool is slim enough to fit in your pocket, ergonomic, and comes with 20 different interchangeable bits (Phillips, flathead, torx, and more) along with a stand that doubles as a nine-bit holder. Those bits, by the way, are also compatible with standard power tools, as well. But what’s really special about the Spinner Drive is twofold. First, its T-Handle — a circular slide-on accessory that allows you to increase the tool’s torque tenfold — makes short work of any larger driver task. Secondly, it has a built-in ball-bearing system that allows the shaft to rotate separately from the tail, allowing for exceptional precision control. Available on Kickstarter now, the Mininch Spinner Drive starts at just $39.

Kickstarter: $39+