Mini’s Urbanaut Concept Is An Autonomous EV That Doubles As A Lounge

While no one truly knows what the future holds for the auto industry, it’s a pretty easy projection to make given what’s current. Electric vehicles are hotter than ever, with big names joining the race to a more sustainable future on the daily. And as autonomous driving technology continues to gain traction, it will increasingly feature in vehicles of all varieties.

All that is to say — this concept from Mini may not look like anything on the road, but it’s not as off base as you’d think. Dubbed the Vision Urbanaut, it’s essentially a futuristic EV minivan designed to make the most of its interior space despite its tiny exterior footprint. For instance, it comes with a single door based around a slide and swivel mechanism specifically optimized for use in tight urban settings. Inside, you’ll find a flexible four-seat arrangement, with rotating front seats that can also be folded away with the dashboard in order to become a cozy daybed. What’s more, when the Urbanaut is stationary, the windshield can be opened upwards to create a balcony-esque experience. And with three customization modes — Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe — you have a car that’s small in size but big in potential.

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