Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

There’s still 394 more days until The Force Awakens hits the big screen. That means we need to keep ourselves occupied with Star Wars goods for the next year, and we think this Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon is the perfect place to start.

While LEGO and Star Wars have already teamed up for an official Millennium Falcon set, we’ve found that some of the best building block creations come from the minds of fans. BrickInside (a Korean LEGO fan community) has birthed some of our favorite one-off creations to date, and member dif STICK has just added his mini Millennium Falcon to the list. Much smaller than the official LEGO set, this spaceship is still outfitted with all the essentials from the quad laser cannon’s to the tiny hyperdrive engine nestled out back. Of course what would the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy be without a Han Solo minifigure to boot?

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 2

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 3

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 4

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 5

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 6

Mini LEGO Millennium Falcon 7

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