The Mad Scientists At Lazareth Put A 460HP V8 In This Mini Moke SUV

The folks at Lazareth are no strangers to crafting bonkers custom vehicles. They’ve built everything from amphibious SUVs to flying motorcycles, in fact. However, even for them, this Mini Moke ‘V8M’ is a bit bonkers. And what’s more, it’s for sale.

Originally introduced back in 1964, the Moke was a mini-based all-terrain SUV made to be capable, yet inexpensive. What was never the intention, most likely, was loading it with a beefed-up 460-horsepower, 348 ft-lb V8 engine and putting it on 17″ aluminum rims, as the folks at Lazareth have done. However, we can’t argue with the results, as this micro machine is something to behold. But the most insane part of this story is that Lazareth is actually selling this one-off tiny terror, but you’ll have to reach out to them for pricing if you’re interested.

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