MINI Countryman Autohome Roof Tent

Just because your vehicle of choice isn’t a pickup truck or van doesn’t mean you should miss out on the joys of car camping. Or at least, that is what Autohome is implying with their new Mini Countryman Roof Tent.

The Mini Countryman is a surprisingly capable vehicle when it comes to getting outdoors. It boasts all-wheel drive and even an integrated picnic bench. Yet even with all of that included, Autohome, an Italian maker of rooftop tents and accessories, thought the car was missing something important – a tent. Designed to fit easily on top of your car without any tools (provided you have the roof rail carrier), this fiberglass shell can expand to reveal a sleeping space large enough to fit two comfortably for a night out in the woods. Users simply need to unlatch four clasps and gas pressured springs will automatically loft the top of the fiberglass shell 37 inches high. For protection in the rain, the tent includes waterproof sidings that also manage to ventilate enough to keep you from feeling too stuffy. Time to take your Mini out of the city and into the dirt.

Purchase: $3,100