Mini Beer Pong

Not everyone has a big table, ping pong ball, and array of red cups ready to go. But the urge for beer pong? That’s omnipresent.

Mini Beer Pong takes the classic party drinking game and zaps it with a shrink ray, letting you get hammered under the guise of sport in just about any setting. With spring-loaded ball launchers and tethered balls, playing a round on the 2-foot long table is a hassle-free good time. You’ll be using 1-ounce cups, so expect your party to remain mature for at least 30-minutes longer than normal. Each table is handcrafted at a maker cooperative in Minnesota with local lumber, and, as if things couldn’t get any classier, 5% of each purchase is donated to Engineers Without Borders. [Purchase]

Mini Beer Pong 2

Mini Beer Pong 3

Mini Beer Pong 4