Now’s Your Chance To Own 7 Ultra-Rare Like-New Ferrari Cars

Ferrari lovers rejoice as there will be a fleet of scarlet supercars heading to the Monterey auction this August. Spanning three decades of some of the top-tier offerings of the legendary Italian car manufacturer, the Ming Ferrari Collection is a blessing for car enthusiasts everywhere.

There are seven exceptional Ferraris with low mileage in the Ming Collection, waiting for new drivers to get behind the wheel. The lineup of speed demons includes a 1984 512 BBi, 1985 308 GTSi, 1991 Ferrari F40,1997 355 Spider, 2006 Ferrari FXX, 2007 F430 Spider, and 2013 458 Spider. Although all the vehicles in the collection are drool-worthy, the 2006 Ferrari FXX is on a whole other level. The FXX is one of only 30 ever made, which is a track-only development version of the famed Enzo. This crown jewel of the lineup comes with an unused race suit and helmet along with three FXX Program travel cases filled with factory track support equipment. The ultra-rare, white-striped FXX is the first to be introduced in the automaker’s XX series and is powered by a V12 789 hp engine. Check out all the sleek Ferraris at Sotheby’s auction this August.

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