Mil-Spec Auto Upgraded The Already-Formidable Hummer H1 To 800HP

Founded in 2015 with the vision of delivering the ultimate classically-styled Hummer H1 built for both everyday driving and off-road adventures alike, Mil-Spec Automotive has now announced its latest completed work with what the Auburn Hills outfit has christened the “M1-R.”

Generating a whopping 800hp and 1,200ft-lbs of torque, Mil-Spec Auto’s M1-R features top-of-the-line running gear including six-piston disc brakes, an upgraded power selector, an air locking differential, and Rod Hall long travel racing suspension. The M1-R’s interior is another major highlight with the completely revised cabin jettisoning all plastic bits in favor of machined and anodized billet items, plus there’s an electronic gear indicator, an electronic parking brake, a machined steering wheel on a bespoke steering column, elaborately stitched yellow Nappa leather throughout, all of which is sourced from New York-based atelier, Relicate. Cloaked in a competition yellow livery, this particular Mil-Spec Auto M1-R is priced at $417,000 as optioned, though the company’s M1 Hummer starts at $299,500 (including the donor vehicle).

Purchase: $299,500+