Mil-Spec’s Intrepid Performance Pack Turns The F-150 Into A 675HP Supertruck

Mil-Spec Automotive has fostered an ambitious reputation within the aftermarket customization space, especially in terms of the tactical, off-road detailing. While the outfit has focused almost exclusively on the fitment of Hummer’s H1 platform since its debut, the Ford F-150 that you see here has certainly served as a catalyst for change.

The Mil-Spec F-150 Supertruck, as it’s been dubbed, is a formidable, utilitarian platform that mirrors its H1 counterpart in style, versatility, and capability. Developed earlier this year in collaboration with the brand’s internal Hummer branch, the pickup has adopted a Ford-focused widebody kit, an MSA Design Works front fascia, and Baja-styled front/rear bumpers, giving it unprecedented off-road appeal. If you want to take things a step further, you’ll be able to spring for the fully-equipped Baja Appearance Package, which adds a bed-mounted chase rack, KC Light Pod system, and a low-profile roof rack for improved carrying capacity. Of course, all of these upgrades only amplify the vehicle’s powerful appeal, which has been benchmarked by a brand new 675 horsepower, 5.0L V8 engine, throttle body, intake, and cat-back exhaust, courtesy of the recently-released Intrepid Performance Package. If you’re interested in acquiring one of your own, head to Mil-Spec’s website, where the build starts at an eye-popping $89,500.

Purchase: $89,500