Midual Type 1 Motorcycle

This week in London, French motorcycle manufacturer Midual is taking the wraps off the two working prototypes of its Midual Type 1 model, and it’s probably quite fair to throw the term “masterpiece” around here.

The Type 1 stands out from the crowd in a number of ways, including its longitudinally mounted flat-twin engine format and cast aluminum monocoque chassis. The Type 1 has gone through over a year’s worth of testing and fine tuning, logging thousands of miles in the process. It’s all about personalization here, as those who can afford one will get to pick their paint scheme, along with several hardware finishing options. You want leather? Try choosing from 45+ types. Reservations are being taken right now, but the first batch of deliveries won’t come until 2016. [Purchase]

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle 2

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle 3

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle 4

Midual Type 1 Motorcycle 5