Mido Brings Back Their Unique, Ultra-Cool Decompression Timer Dive Watch

Mido has long been one of the most underrated Swiss watch brands. While it boasts a fascinating history and is a member of the Swatch Group conglomerate, Mido receives considerably less attention and accolades than corporate stablemates Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot, and Rado. But once in a while, Mido is able to break through into the mainstream with a blockbuster release, and they’ve just done it again with their new Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 Limited Edition dive watch.

If the Decompression Timer looks a little familiar, that’s because Mido released a different limited edition version of the Decompression Timer back in 2020. Both watches are reissues of a quirky and colorful (and fairly rare) Mido dive watch from 1961 that had an unusual rainbow decompression table on the dial that could be used to calculate decompression times during dives. Last year’s version sold all 1961 units almost as soon as it was released, and the 2021 version seems likely to sell out just as quickly. Mido has tweaked the formula for the new version slightly, as the bezel has changed from black to light blue and the dial has moved from black to silver. The rest of the watch remains the same: a 40mm diver with 200m water resistance that’s powered by the Mido caliber 80 automatic movement with its 80 hours of power reserve. Like its predecessor, the new Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 is limited to just 1,961 pieces and is priced at $1,250. The watches will go on sale from select Mido retailers on November 1, and we expect them to run out of stock very quickly.

Purchase: $1,250