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Microsoft Unveils The Smallest Xbox Ever With Its Next-Gen Series S Console

For some time, the star of the Microsoft show has been the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Billed as the “most powerful console ever,” the Series X is as ambitious a project as any. And though there has been some speculation about its smaller, slimmed-down sibling, the details surrounding said mystery console have been few and far between.

At least until now. With the unveiling of its Series S console, Microsoft has finally put an end to the guesswork, confirming once and for all the details of its second forthcoming Xbox. Featuring a form factor 60% smaller than the flagship Series X, the newly-announced Series S is designed to be a more accessible, digital-only option. However, just because it’s slated as a more affordable alternative to its bigger sibling, doesn’t mean the Series S isn’t capable in its own right. With its high-speed 512GB storage offering 1440p resolution at 120FPS, it packs big performance into its small package. What’s more is that in addition to 4k upscaling and 4k streaming, it’ll support ray tracing, variable-rate shading, as well as variable refresh rate. You’ll be able to pick up the all-new Series S console for $299 starting November 10th.

Purchase: $299