‘Project Oris’ Envisions The Xbox As An All-In-1 Gaming Console Projector

If there’s one major thing the Nintendo Switch gets right that Microsoft seems woefully uninterested in, it’s portability. That’s not to say we want a handheld version of the upcoming Xbox Series X, so much as the ability to bring our video game consoles with us when we travel without also needing a TV or projector, speakers, etc. Designer Joseph Dumary seems to have figured out a way to solve that issue with his Project Oris concept.

By all accounts, the Project Oris is intended to be a fully-functional next-gen system — albeit with some major portability upgrades. You see, along with the normal high-tech guts, this system also incorporated a built-in laser short-throw 8k HDR projector — which can automatically detect walls for proper scaling and boasts a 2,500-lumen output with an effective 23,000-hour lifespan. Furthermore, the Oris also has a built-in 3D speaker array for immersive audio whether you’re in your living room or the campsite. Dumary even rendered a dynamic, touchscreen controller with wireless charging capabilities. It’s unlikely we’ll see this brilliant concept in reality, but we hope Microsoft is taking notes.

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