Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Back in 2015, Microsoft unveiled their Surface Hub, a high-tech collaborative touchscreen digital whiteboard geared especially toward modern businesses. Since then, a lot of other brands have tried their hand at similar tech and improved upon it. Finally, however, the Windows brand is ready to take back their spot at the top with the updated Surface Hub 2.

While there are plenty of new upgrades under the hood, this update’s most notable first-glance feature is its bezel – or rather lack thereof. Compared to other similar digital whiteboards, this one has almost no unseemly edges of which to speak, making for a gorgeous device. It also benefits from the ability to link together nearly-seamlessly with up to 3 other surface hubs (in both portrait and landscape modes) for much more expansive imagery. That’s only bolstered by the fact that this bad boy has a multi-touch 4K screen that’s 50.5″ across. Whether you’re running an all-hands gathering with your entire team or just brainstorming on your next big offering, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a meeting game-changer.

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