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Microsoft’s Dual-Display Surface Duo Is A Foldable Android Smartphone

It’s been two long years since Microsoft burnt its ill-performing Windows Phone at the stake, and since then, the company has been hard at work, conceptualizing its reintroduction to the smartphone market. To the surprise of many, the tech giant’s annual Surface event provided consumers with a staggering look into the new platform — a hinged, dual-screen device dubbed the Surface Duo.

Information on the Android-based Surface Duo is still sparse, but there’s no doubt that the dual-display peripheral is a sleek new take on the company’s conventionally-drab design terminology. It’s been outfitted with two rotatable 5.6-inch displays, allowing it to be used in both landscape, and portrait orientation. Multitasking is also made easier than ever before, thanks to the Duo’s ability to operate two different apps at the same time, thanks to its split-screen layout. The device is rumored to operate under a capable Snapdragon 855 processor, while a number of characteristics, like photo/video capabilities, are still slated for finalization. Sadly, the newest addition to the Surface line won’t be available for consumers until the 2020 holiday season, so If you’re interested in learning more about the Duo, head over to Microsoft’s Surface event press release.

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