Microsoft Surface Book 2

Apple is no longer in a class of its own when it comes to high powered laptops. As the rest of the market has caught up, buyer’s have begun to wander away from Cupertino’s light in search of other, less dongle-ey solutions. The most compelling alternative? Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

Like its predecessor, both the 12.5 and 15-inch models of this computer can detach from the keyboard and operate as a touch-screen tablet. As far as performance is concerned, both models boast the latest generation of Intel Core processors (dual for the smaller, quad for the larger) and Nividia’s GeForce graphics card along with an impressive 17-hour battery life. That means that you can run big, professional programs (or games) from your laptop for extended periods of time without any lag. But really, the real topping on this cake is that the computer features USB-A, USB-C, and yes, even a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Purchase: $1,500