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Microsoft’s Clever Conference Speaker Can Identify Up To 10 Unique Voices

Well, we’re now nearly a year on from the first of 2020’s pandemic-induced lockdowns, and it looks like remote work won’t be going anywhere anytime soon — even as conditions continue to improve. And it’s not without good reason, for despite some initial growing pains, WFH life has largely resulted in a happier, more productive workforce.

However, if we want to keep things running smoothly, it’s important that we make video conferences a more manageable affair. Luckily, Microsoft has just the ticket — something it’s calling the ‘Intelligent Speaker.’ Designed to integrate with the existing Microsoft Teams application, it features a  7-microphone setup and in-built AI functionality, making it capable of identifying up to 10 different voices during a call. What’s more, the Intelligent Speaker will automatically generate a post-meeting transcript that separates each speaker by name and profile. And when you consider that it also supports translation for listeners of a different language, it promises to be a truly revolutionary piece of WFH tech. Pricing has yet to be announced, but you can head over to Microsoft’s website to learn more.

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