Michelin’s Futuristic Uptis Tire Is Both Airless And Puncture-Proof

Michelin and General Motors combined forces to dream big and literally reinvent the wheel. The Michelin Uptis Prototype Tire is a big leap into the future, providing us with a puncture-proof airless option.

The Uptis, which stands for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System, is a staggering advancement for Michelin’s VISION concept presented at the 2017 Movin’On Summit. Michelin’s VISION concept focused on four main innovation pillars: connected, 3D-printed, 100% sustainable, and airless. The Uptis showcases incredible improvements in architecture and use of composite materials, enabling the airless tire to bear a car’s weight at road-going speeds. With the Uptis, drivers will feel safer, enjoy very minimal maintenance, and help the environment by reducing the use of raw materials. Michelin and General Motors are testing the revolutionary tire with the Chevrolet Bolt EV and will initiate real-world testing in Michigan later this year. The team is pushing to validate the Uptis sometime in 2024.

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