Michelin Unveils Their First Tire Made Specifically For Electric Sports Cars

The whole automotive world is going electric it seems, right down to the tires. Michelin has announced their Pilot Sport EV tire — the first tire the company has ever produced that has been engineered to meet the specific demands of electric sports cars.

The venture came out of Michelin’s experience with Formula E racing, where its Formula E tire has been in use for years. The Pilot Sport EV utilizes the same ElectricGrip Compound technology as the Formula E tires, which features a hard compound for the center of the tread that provides the appropriate grip for the insanely high torque produced by electric cars. The tires also offer wet and dry traction that factors in the high weight and weight-distribution of EVs, they feature 20% less road noise so as not to disturb the whisper-quiet cabins of EVs, and their low rolling resistance extends range by up to 37 miles. Michelin has obviously put a lot of R&D into the Pilot Sport EV tires, and they’re likely to be the first word — rather than the last — when it comes to EV-specific performance tires.

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