The Only Unused Ticket from Michael Jordan’s NBA Debut Is Up for Auction

Michael Jordan’s mystique is practically unparalleled. Be it the world-famous shoes, high-flying flair, or consistent on-court success, there isn’t much room for error when heralding him as the greatest basketball player to grace the hardwood. The auction market has repeatedly gone to show just how much people are willing to shell out for artifacts that pertain to His Airness, and the latest piece up for grabs is an unused ticket from Jordan’s first-ever NBA game.

On October 26th, 1984, the Bulls were matching up against the Washington Bullets in a game Chicago ultimately won by double digits. In his debut, MJ put on an impressive all-around showcase; however, sitting in the crowd was a Northwestern student who’d been forced to watch it on his own. The Illinois-based alumnus grew up in the U.S. capital and was gifted a pair of tickets from Jerry Sachs, a former Bullets executive who was friends with his father. As a result of the young man’s solo attendance, this ticket up for auction is the world’s sole fully intact example from Chicago Stadium on that autumn night.

While we are nearly forty years removed from the day Jordan got his start in the league, this ticket remains in tip-top shape. Though there is a bit of wear on its edges, any avid sports historian would be remiss to pass up on a shot like this. On the topic of not passing up shots, the only known ticket to late legend Kobe Bryant’s debut Summer League game is also available in a different lot from the same auction, which is noteworthy in its own right.

As we said, people are willing to pay top dollar for any authentic relics even remotely tied to the Bulls’ golden age. As proof of that, this unused ticket is expected to sell for upwards of $300,000 through Heritage Auctions, with bidding currently at $250,000 as of this writing. Head to their site to toss your hat in the ring.

Purchase: $250,000+

Photo: Heritage Auctions