Michael Bay’s Los Angeles Villa

Aug 23, 2016

Category: Living

Michael Bay is not what anyone would call the most artistic director out there. He has a man-child’s love of scantily clad women and large explosions that have drawn both the ire of critics, and truckloads of cash from eager movie goers. While we can make fun of his apparent love of giant fighting robots, it is hard to deny that he has fantastic taste when it comes to homes. Doubt us? Just take a look at his Southern Californian Villa.

Tucked into the hills above Los Angeles, this home welcomes in views of both the city and the Santa Monica mountains and fills itself with natural light from its large floor to ceiling windows and skylights. Some of the stand-out features of the villa are the hydraulic powered slant ceiling that opens up into a lush green back yard, a swimming pool perched at a hills edge, and of course – a garage filled with muscled up cars. So while you may or may not like the guys movies, you can’t honestly critique his taste in architecture.

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 1

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 2

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 3

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 4

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 5

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 6

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 7

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 8

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 9

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 10

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 11

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 12

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 13

Michael Bay's L.A. Villa 14

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