The Handy Gym Uses NASA Technology For A Full-Body Workout

The lack of gravity made it almost impossible for astronauts to get a solid workout in outer space. However, NASA developed isointertial technology in 1990 to remedy the problem of muscle mass loss. Now that same technology is being used in the Micaton Usa Corporation Handy Gym, so you can pump up your muscles without using weights.

The Handy Gym utilizes two inertial discs and a conical pulley to create resistance of up to 220 lbs. It comes with a wide variety of grips, allowing you to do up to 200 different exercises, so you can work out any muscle group you desire. The portable device itself only weighs a couple of pounds. Tone your muscles safely and develop high-quality muscular fiber with this NASA-inspired workout tool. And it comes with a mobile app that will track your results — including time, cycles, calories burned, and strength. Back this project today for $379 and receive your Handy Gym by January 2020.

Kickstarter: $379+