2PRT Modular Surfboard

Surfing and traveling is a double edged sword. On the one end, it’s a great way to see the world and score world class surf in the process. On the flip side, surfers too often get skewered by airline companies overcharging for surfboard bags (up to $150 each way in some instances). Now, famed designer Thomas Meyerhoffer is looking change all that.

Keep in mind this isn’t the first travel-friendly surfboard to be produced, but the 2PRT is the first board to boast modularity in its design (meaning you can mix and match different nose and tail set ups) allowing you to single-handedly customize the board to specific conditions or preferences. Also, since it can be broken down, it could very well make it below the “oversized luggage” threshold thus saving airfare in the process. It uses a simple system to detach and reattach varied tail sections (about 30 seconds of effort) and Meyerhoffer plans on offering preorders of the 2PRT this December for interested parties which should be available through his site for around $1,600 as pop. [H/T: Outside Online]

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