Mexico’s Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform

Mexicos Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform 1
Olympic downhill skiing requires a massive amount of strength, balance, and technique. Obviously Mexico’s representative in Sochi — Hubertus von Hohenlohe — deserves to wear something that conveys those proud traits, while at the same time giving him the freedom to slice through the snow on a razor’s edge. Clearly he needs to wear a Mariachi suit.

Think about it: When you’re in the presence of a Mariachi band, you can sense their strength. Plus some of those guitars are rather heavy. Also, have you seen the way those guys do the Matrix-bend when a plate of sizzling fajitas comes whistling by? That’s balance, my friend. And technique, well, pshht… if you don’t think these guys have technique, then you’ve spent one too many Fridays in TGIFridays. Even better, von Hohenlohe is a 55-years-old, making him the second oldest winter Olympian ever. We now know who we’ll be rooting for in this event.

Mexicos Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform 2

Mexicos Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform 3

Mexicos Mariachi Olympic Ski Uniform 4